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Hi I run a piece of software called PlanePlotter which uses a specific port (9742) to receive and send data.  The data is transfered using sim1.  My mobile broadband provider is 3UK and i know other users of the software can use mobile data to do this forwarding etc.  For what ever reason I cannot get this to work on the RUTX11.  

I have setup the port forwarding to allow port 9742 access from the WAN to the specific (static) IP address of the computer that is running the software.  Do i also have to set up a traffic/nat rule as well for this to work?

Thanks for any pointers

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Do you have a public IP address ? To check from the UI go to Network->Interfaces, look at MOB1S1A1 (or MOB1S2A1) and look at the IP field. If it is a 10.x.y.z, 172.[16-31].x.y or 192.168.x.y it is a private address and it is not routable, it cannot be reached from the outside world.

A solution would be to use a VPN, in this case Zerotier would do.

hi thanks for getting back to me - ip field is 10.101.x.x will have a look at zerotier but running a vpn on mobile broadband is dire here!