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by anonymous
Model: RUT950

Our current WAN setup is fibre point-to-point as primary connection, with 3G Mobile as failover connection. When fibre is connected, L2TP VPN must be off. When Fibre fails and 3G Mobile takes over, L2TP VPN must establish and be the default route

How do I accomplish this?

Please let me know if you need more info

1 Answer

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by anonymous

For this you would need a script that checks if the fibre connection is established or not, if it's established - it disables L2TP, if it's not - enables L2TP back like it was. Ways to check it would be these:

1. Pinging through the Wired WAN interface and checking if ping succeeds.

2. Downloading a third party opkg package that checks port status.

3. Always actively checking logread output if Wired WAN connection is established.

How to write/use scripts - you can find here:

Unfortunately, we will not be able to help you write them as this would need to go to our RnD department and development of this by us would not be free.

Hope this was somehow helpful to you.

by anonymous
Hi ErnestasB, thank you so much for the info I highly appreciate it. I'll do some tests with some custom scripts, I'm sure I'll come right :-)