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I have a few devices that I have connected up to an RUT950 that I've set up port forwarding rules on for various ports (HTTP 80 and SNMP 161 mostly). All but one work perfectly with the last one timing out or dropping the requests.

When I nmap the working ports it returns that it's "open" and doing the same on the ports that don't work returns "filtered". I'm not entirely sure what this means other than something is blocking the traffic for some reason. If I connect to the device either directly or by also being connected to the RUT950 with a laptop I am able to communicate with it, the moment I am going through the RUT's public IP address I have nothing but issues.

Is there a way to check if the traffic is being dropped by the RUT950 or the device I'm attempting to communicate with? Or any way of narrowing down the cause?



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Could you share your port forwarding configuration with us (please highlight the working rules and those that do not work)? When you do try to access devices through public IP, does all of them do not work or only a few of them? Have you done any additional configuration in your router? Which firmware version are you using?