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Tried configuring RU955 to ntrip client but it failed to pass nmea messages from rs232 to ntrip server. In the configuration it needs the initial gga or gps signal and this does not work well and is basically useless as a ntrip client: / I read on the forum that many people had this problem and despite many reports no solution was found.

I wonder if the TRB142 model is working properly or the same as RU955? It forwards messages directly to the ntrip server? Maybe someone has experience.

Share your experience please.

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Could you provide more details about your configuration (post your configuration setup and topology scheme). Please clarify what do you have in mind about the need for the initial GGA or GPS signal. Also, troubleshoot file with your configuration would be very useful to analyze this issue.

I think its better to make point list what i need. So:

I'm sending GGA from my GPS every 5s. I need NTRIP client to work like this:
1. wait for gga on serial
2. log into ntrip claster

3. forward my gga from serial

4. forward ntrip reply to my gps by serial

5. do point 3 and 4 every time i send gga on serial

Of course login back to ntrip when disconnected etc but its obvious i think