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We have a project and planning to deploy RUT955 on our solution.The plan is to install the 1 4G system to provide Internet to RUT955 at the same time use 4G SIM  on RUT955 as a failover

It will be install on the Cargo Control Room (CCR) and use RUT955 as WIFI Access Point in the CCR extend the WIFI to the Monkey island to provide access on the main deck and the other vessel beside.

Please see diagram, let me know if this applicable and let me know if there is a better solution

Many thanks in advance

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The topology seems logics, but why do you want to use two different routers using 4G? instead the both RUT955 sim card slots?

If your "internet router" in the picture support VRRP protocol, should be a better solution to keep the connection active and you won't need to wait the RUT955 failover time. --> https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_VRRP_configuration

Please take a look to the Teltonika antennas --> https://teltonika-networks.com/es/products/accessories/antenna-options/

Also you can use third party antennas if they're 50ohm and match with our antennas specs.