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A question:

We use RUT2xxx and RUT9XX as moble connection to Internet.

The device we want to reach is some HVAC servers with "default"

password.We dont want to change the "local" password as the a lot

of person involved.

We use normally use port forwarding into the RUT e.g.

port 8080 to 80 for the device.

Is there a possibilty to add a "loginserver" to this specfic port(8080)

to proceed to port 80.

We use a public Internetaddress to the RUT and access this with xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy:8080 =>

loginserver =>  proceed to port 80 with internal address.


Nils-Allan Svensson


1 Answer

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You could try using 3-rd party packages using opkg, I believe you should find HTTP server hosting packages there, but you should look for it yourself.

Then if you use it, you would need to have some kind of session or login tokens integrated into that same HTTP server that you would run on the router and then you would need another server in that internal address to accept the token if the login was correct.

In any case, this requires some research, but it's possible.