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by anonymous
Hi there,

My application is to use the RUT950 to have remote access to a laptop in Australia/UK/EU and everywhere in between.

Is there a guide or documentation on how to configure the unit to make sure I have 4G connection in specific regions?

I have been told by a supplier that the one I bought in Australia has a different chip to the one in UK, even though they are both RUT950. I have failed to get it to connect in Sri Lanka.

Thank you

1 Answer

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by anonymous


The different chip that your supplier was referring to is the device's module. Which means that the two devices support different frequency bands. UK and Australia's network operators also use frequencies in their cellular networks that are different from one another. That's why there are multiple RUT950 versions intended for use in different regions of the world.

You can tell in which regions your device will be able to operate by its product code. More info on that subject here.

Best answer
by anonymous

Thank you for the quick response.

If I wanted to cover all bases and regions, should I purchase RUT950 V***** model? Is the intention of that model to be compatible with at least one frequency in any region?


by anonymous

Yes, the RUT950 V***** version supports most frequency bands and should work in most parts of the world.


Dear all, 

I bought a US version but none at seller side told me about the impossibility to use it in Europe even they know my intention (it is installed on a blue-water sailing vessel). Not questioning about this anymore since it happened a while ago I am wandering if I can change the mode module without purchasing a new device.

I was looking at the HUAWEI ME909u-521 LTE LGA Module - V100R002. Is that plug and play in the RUT 950 or we need to modify the firmware? Any other LTE modem module you recommend (aim is to get to same compatibility as RUT950 V**** model).

REMARK: no problem for the fact that opening the device we loose warranty.

Looking forward to hearing form you.


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