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I have set up rut950 as a openvpn tun server.

rut950 ip is

Virtual network is

I have push route in server config.

Connected to the switch on the rut950 is a windows laptop, it gets ip

from cli in rut950 i can ping

I connect to openvpn server from a windows 10 with openvpn client, and connection is established.

From the client i can ping and and i can open the web gui at but does not respond to ping.

As per the documentation I havent touched the firewall.

Is there something more I need to do than push the route to reach LAN behind openvpn server?

Thanks for your time

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If I do understand correctly, you do have 1 server (RUT950) and 2 clients (windows laptop and another PC client that you want to use to ping the first client). To reach a client from a client you must enable Client to Client communication. You can read more about that here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/OpenVPN_configuration_examples#Client_to_Client

Also, there may be an issue with Windows firewall, try to test if communication goes through with Windows Firewall disabled.


Hello, thanks for anwering

No, There is only one vpn client. is physically connected to the built in switch in rut950

best regards
You have mentioned that you can reach from the router, but then you can't ping the client from exactly where (from itself)?

Also, have you tried disabling firewalls in the devices to check?

Thanks for your patience!

I'll try some ascii topolgy:

Laptop A with Windows VPN-client ip
VPN server adapter
RUT950 ip
laptop B ip (from rut dhcp)

My goal is to reach laptop B from laptop A via the tunnel

I can ping laptop B From RUT

I can connect to RUT web interface from laptop B

I can establish a vpn-connection from laptop A to RUT, then from laptop A, ping ok, ping ok, connect to web interface at ok

but i cannot reach laptop B. I have tried with firewall disabled on laptop B, I have connected other devices to local-lan that have no firewalls (PLC's) still no luck.

best regards
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Hi there,

did you solve your issue?
I am stuck at the exactly same point. My topology is exactly like yours. Except I'm using a RUT300.
I can connect via OpenVPN from outside and ping the RUT300 on it's ovpn server address and open the WebGUI as well.
But I cannot ping any device connected directly to the lan interface. I cannot ping the RUT300 itself on its lan address.  

Maybe a member of Teltonika can help me with this?

Outline on my Topology (with my currently configured ip addresses):

Windows Client 1 (lan ip: | ovpn adapter ip:
| openvpn tunnel
RUT300 (WAN: | LAN: | OVPN:
| wired lan, connected to port LAN1 on RUT300
Windows Client 2 (lan ip:

Observations / status quo:
Client 1 can ping:
Client 1 can ping:
Client 1 cannot ping:

Client 2 can ping:
Client 2 can ping:
Client 2 cannot ping:

RUT300 can ping:
RUT300 cannot ping:

I checked all the routes on the RUT300 and the Client 1. They seem to be correct.
Therefore I think I missed a firewall setting.

Thank you all out there for help!