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Hi there!

Just installed version 1.14 for RUT230 and RUT 240 and can not find the no-ip.com dyndns provider.

Is that a bug or there won't be any support for that provider? We have already bought 80 teltonika router due to the fact that they supported no-ip.com

Thank you in advance


One more thing,

I found this in changelog but i am not sure that is working..I only see lookup host input field

  • Fixed display of DDNS Hostname, Username and Password options when custom service is selected
Thanks again

2 Answers

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This is already reported to RnD and is being solved at the current moment.

If there's anything new that comes up - I will let you know.

Hi there,

the firmware is stuck to 1.14.0 and no update regarding this very critical issue (about no-ip.com)

Is there any scheduled update any day soon?

We are unable to program or update all our units without remote dyndns.

Thank you in advance

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I've just been told that RnD deleted accidentaly no-ip.com from DDNS available services. It will be added in new FW to be released in June. Meanwhile there's a test version which also includes no-ip.com from this link https://kaunas.teltonika.lt:444/f/65b9b1dc61b24188994b/

As useful as this 'test' firmware is - how hard could it be to roll out a quick update with this re-added? Original poster mentioned this in April and we have to wait for June to add this back in.  Can't say I'm impressed with that turnaround for an error you introduced.