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by anonymous
Can someone recommend a certain PoE adapter known to be working with the TRB 140 out of the box? Links appreciated.

Background: I have a couple of Ubiquiti PoE adapters (UBI-POE-24-5) lying around, but when I use them with a TRB140, its LAN connection does not seem to work, at least I can't connect and the LEDs in the RJ45 connector do not blink. The LTE connection seems to be established though (according to the LEDs on the front), so the TRB 140 receives power from the Ubiquiti adapter.


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by anonymous

There is one of our 3rd party partners that is having this kind of products like that will work with our Teltonika devices:

I hope it helps.

by anonymous
I bought it but the problem persits. Same as with Ubiquiti PoE adapters. The TRB140 powers up, LEDs in front for connection quality work, but the data does not go through the adapter. I tried different cables, nothings changes. I can either have PoE or data :-)

With the supplied normal power adapter (own connector) it always works.

What is the problem here? Thanks
by anonymous


Is there a PoE injector device available that is: 

  1. compatible with TRB140 
  2. uses a 24VDC supply (not 110-240VAC supply)
  3. DIN rail mountable

The QU Wireless devices mentioned previously have 110-240V supply and are not DIN rail mountable.     

Many thanks in advance.