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Hello !

My rut955 is running at 200km. I visited it.

Without internet connection, this one should be the more autonomous.

In case of reboot, I note that the date&time are wrong because ntp doesn't provide the correct time in that case.

Shall I install the fake-hwclock package to have a more or less correct time when the connection is down ?

If yes, classical installation ?

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Could you elaborate further on what is your device's purpose when it is offline all the time? Is there a SIM card inside the router?  Hwclock package would not be helpful because our hardware does not have a clock built-in, and that is why we are using network time protocol instead.

I know that the rut955 has no rtc clock.

If the device lost the connection, fake-hwclock would be a fallback as I do it for RPI devices.

A reliable 4g connection in the mountain cannot be garantied. In case of automatic reboot, the device must have a correct time.

The question was not why the internet is/could be disconnected.