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I seem to be getting the reverse of everyone else - slow download and upload over wired LAN but much better over WiFi. It's on a network that's been used for ages, works perfectly with main fibre broadband. 

Mobile carrier is UK O2.

Wired speed test on Fast.com = 520kbps down, 5mbps up.

WiFi test on phone to Fast.com = 4mbps down, 8mbps up.

Current Firmware Information

Firmware version RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5
Firmware build date 2021-01-28, 13:55:15
Kernel version 3.18.44
Bootloader version 3.2.6

1 Answer

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Regarding the issue, you are having. First I would recommend checking the ethernet cable that you are using to make sure it is properly crimped. Next, is to check if your PC or the LAN Connected device is running some services that may consume data (Windows Update, App Services that consume internet, and Applications running in the background) the best thing to do is to use another LAN device and compare. Lastly, if the issue still persisting I would recommend you try upgrading the firmware via the bootloader menu. 

Bootloader menu guide: RUT950 Device Recovery Options - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)

Let me know the results