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I have a RutX09 that is on the latest firmware.  It has dual sims, one with a limit and one without.  I am unable to see how to reset the data counters for the sim with the limit.  The button on the WEBUI is greyed out for the sim with the limit, I have tried combinations of turning limit off, turning interface off etc but nothing livens up the button.  I found a CLI command mdcollectdctl -clear But if I enter this into my CLI (either via the webui or via SSH) I get 'command not found'

I was certainly able to do a CLI reset in the past (but a long time ago, on a different firmware).

Anyone know how to reset the data limit?

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The SIM must be active to be able to clear the collected data.

OK thanks, I am sure I tried that combination before but it just allowed me to do it (from the WEBUI at least)