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by anonymous

I would like to use the digital output to switch on my Air heater in the Camper Van remotely. The heating has a Output with 2 wires that once short-circuit it starts the heater.  

I tried it directly on the OC output but it won't  work. I checked both wires from the heating against the ground signal but they are not connecting to ground. That seems to be the reason why its not working.

I'm searching for a little relay that I can connect to the OC output and 12V to switch on the heater. It doesn't need to be strong, just for signals.  Anybody has a idea ?
by anonymous

it seems that you're looking for a relay that can be controlled by a digital output and used to switch on your air heater in the camper van. A relay is indeed a suitable component for this airpurifierly task, as it allows you to use a low-power signal to control a higher-power circuit.

To find a relay that meets your requirements, you can consider the following:

Signal Compatibility: Ensure that the relay you choose is compatible with the digital output signal you have available. Check the voltage and current requirements of your digital output and find a relay that can be driven by that signal.

Coil Voltage: Choose a relay with a coil voltage that matches your power supply voltage. In your case, a 12V relay would be suitable since you mentioned using a 12V power source.

Contact Rating: Since you mentioned that the heating system is activated by short-circuiting two wires, you'll want to select a relay with contacts rated for the appropriate current and voltage levels required by your air heater. Be sure to consider the power requirements of your heater and choose a relay with contacts that can handle that load.

Form Factor and Mounting: Consider the physical size and mounting options of the relay to ensure it can be easily integrated into your camper van setup. You may want to choose a relay that is compact and suitable for your specific installation needs.

It's important to note that electrical work can be complex and potentially hazardous, so if you're unsure about the specific wiring and installation requirements, it's recommended to consult a qualified electrician or technician who can assist you in safely integrating the relay into your camper van's heating system.

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by anonymous


Just additional information you need to connect a relay to the Digital OC output of RUTX11 to make it work. When connecting a relay to RUTX11 Digital OC it would be similar connection with the illustrated image in this link:  RUT240 Relay to Open Collector Output - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

From that when you are able to reach the Web UI of RUTX11 you can control the shorting and opening of the relay that you connected. 

I hope information will help :)

Thank you and have a nice day!


by anonymous

Thanks Mellow. I saw the drawing already. Would be nice if you can point me to a existing relay device that can be purchased, external or from Teltonika. I found only this little device and will try it during the next days.