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I would like to use the digital output to switch on my Air heater in the Camper Van remotely. The heating has a Output with 2 wires that once short-circuit it starts the heater.  

I tried it directly on the OC output but it won't  work. I checked both wires from the heating against the ground signal but they are not connecting to ground. That seems to be the reason why its not working.

I'm searching for a little relay that I can connect to the OC output and 12V to switch on the heater. It doesn't need to be strong, just for signals.  Anybody has a idea ?

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Just additional information you need to connect a relay to the Digital OC output of RUTX11 to make it work. When connecting a relay to RUTX11 Digital OC it would be similar connection with the illustrated image in this link:  RUT240 Relay to Open Collector Output - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)

From that when you are able to reach the Web UI of RUTX11 you can control the shorting and opening of the relay that you connected. 

I hope information will help :)

Thank you and have a nice day!



Thanks Mellow. I saw the drawing already. Would be nice if you can point me to a existing relay device that can be purchased, external or from Teltonika. I found only this little device and will try it during the next days.