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by anonymous
We use 955 as both way GSM gateway. Sending by GET recieving by GET. But i'm afraid that after some time SIM card stop working for buffer storage and also that 20 SMS is not enough if there is disconection or other complicatrion on our server.

Is there any way to store recieved SMS on device?  Not just SIM card? If we uchcecked store on SIMCARD it delete all mesages imediatelly, mostly before we can read them by process.

And how it wil function if thjere will be 20 SMS reached on storage? (if it overwrite oldest or refuse SMS and accept after emptying space)

And another question is there any way to force sending throw SIM1 or SIM2 slot? For international simcards realy needed.

Thank you.

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by anonymous


You should find most of the needed information about storing SMS in the device here:

And about deleted messages: If this option is not used, the router will automatically delete all incoming messages after they have been read. Message status read/unread is examined every 60 seconds. All read messages are deleted.

So it should delete the message only when it's read, if it's not working properly try updating your firmware to the latest one possible without saving the configuration.

When a limit is reached it should not accept the SMS.

What do you mean by throwing SIM1 and SIM2? Do you want to stop SIM1/2 from working with a command?


by anonymous

wiki was first source. Unfortunatelly there is not writen it should store SMS by default. Our case is when we uncheck store SMS on SIM all recieved SMS are deleted imediately before we can read them. Is there posibility that some running process on 955 read  them? What can i do?

I just recently updatet bootloader and firmware becaose it say there is not enough memorry for firmware image. So i have all recent.

Also my question was if is somehow posible control throw wich sim card will be SMS send out?  From all I underestand it is not possible and SIM2 is only backup.
by anonymous
Please try resetting your router to default factory settings, maybe the issue is that you don't have enough memory in your flash at all to keep SMS messages.

Also, SMS will be sent from the currently active SIM card as this router has only one modem and is able to send it from the SIM that is active right now.

by anonymous

Unfortunatelly factorry rest didn't help.

If I uncechk box store SMS on SIM. In log is SMS recieved. If i just after sending go to READSMS it is there but just for instance and then is deleted. No reason why.



28360 kB / 125984 kB (22%)


19684 kB / 125984 kB (15%)


7268 kB / 125984 kB (5%)

Is there any way how to fix that? (external meorry aso...) If not can you recomended best alternative and if possible/wothd money  with two GSM modems? Just for sending and recieving SMS like 955  and in the future maybee NbLTE  but that is just if worth.

P.S. 955 Unit is really old.


by anonymous

Could you please send couple SMS'es to your device and then go to System > Administration > Troubleshoot and download the troubleshoot file?

I will report this issue to RnD and see if there's anything obvious going on with the device.

As for your request for the recommendation - we have RUTX12 that has two active modems and can do all sorts of functions like laod balancing between them, traffic splitting, using different modems and their functions without any switching time.