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by anonymous

Every morning at exactly 09:01am I get a text message from my RUTx11 stating:

Device name - RUTX11; Event type - Failover; Event text - WAN (mob1s1a1) is down, no more backups to switch; Time stamp - xxx

When I log into the router, I see that the uptime for that interface is reset as well:


Status: Running

Failover: Enabled

Type: Mobile



Protocol: wwan

SIM: 1

Uptime: 0h 12m 34s

RX: 22.7 MB

TX: 22.9 MB

Any ideas why the interface is being reset on this interval?  It's not a huge deal as this interface is a backup to the WAN interface - but it's a bit annoying to get notified everyday about it.  I'd like to keep the failover notifications so I can be aware of when the WAN interface goes down and we switch to SIM1.

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by anonymous


May i know if you haven't configured anything as Auto Reboot in your device as you mentioned it is always rebooting at the specific time in the morning. 




by anonymous

Hi Ahmed.  I have not configured auto-reboot and can confirm the router itself is not rebooting as the main WAN interface's uptime reports correct.  In the Network -> Interfaces page in the WebUI, I see something like (I didn't include the WAN6 interface as I don't use it.):

1 LAN Status: Running
Failover: Disabled
Type: Wired (br-lan)
Protocol: static
Uptime: 10d 22h 36m 57s
RX:25.6 GB
TX: 97.1 GB
2 WAN Status: Running
Failover: Enabled
Type: Wired (eth1)
Protocol: dhcp
Uptime: 4d 37m 7s
RX: 1.7 GB
TX: 2.2 GB
4 MOB1S1A1 Status: Running
Failover: Enabled
Type: Mobile
IP: yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy/32
Protocol: wwan
SIM: 1
Uptime: 0h 2m 24s
RX: 27.1 MB
TX: 27.8 MB
5 MOB1S2A1 Status: Stopped
Failover: Enabled
Type: Mobile
IP: -
Protocol: wwan
SIM: 2
Uptime: -
RX: -
TX: -

So you can see the different interfaces have different uptime values with the WAN being longer than a day - which is how frequently I get the text message.

If it helps, I'm using an EE SIM card in the SIM1 slot (the one that keeps dropping/reconnecting everyday).  In the SIM2 slot I have a Vodafone SIM, though because the RUTX11 can only have one SIM enabled at a time, that interface shows a status of Stopped (it is in the failover group though).

by anonymous

I have tested it on my side and found that whenever any of the interface is down it will reset its uptime to "0" as other interfaces on your device doesn't have any link down so they are stable , whenever there is no connectivity on any of the interface it will remain to uptime "0" and when ever its up it will start calculating the uptime even if this interface is not being used. So as you mentioned that your mobile connection keeps connecting and disconnecting that's why it shows uptime to "0" or 12 minutes as above.

For the better coverage its recommended to use both the mobile antennas provided.

For better signals strength recommendations please refer to this link:

Try to relocate your device where you are having a good signal strength.

by anonymous
Hi Ahmed,

I think you're missing the point that it goes down at the exact same minute every day.  I don't think this is due to a coverage issue.  I do have both mobile attenas attached to the router.  And the router reports 4 out of 5 bars for signal strength.
by anonymous

So in this case is it possible to reflash device firmware ? Because might be something configured on the router.

Latest could be download here.

Please make sure you update firmware without keeping settings.

Thanks .