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RUT240 upgraded from to
After reboot Service - CLI seems irreversible broken.
This was working fine until upgrade. (Accessing cli is possible using Device CLI url)

No page is registered at '/admin/services/cli/cgi-bin/cli'.
If this url belongs to an extension, make sure it is properly installed.
If the extension was recently installed, try removing the /tmp/luci-indexcache file.

Did a factory reset, problems persists
Did a downgrade to previous version (1.13.3), problem persists
Did a factory reset on 1.13.3, problem persists
Did a downgrade to 1.12, problem persists

In all steps, the same error occured. Deleting /tmp/luci-indexcache did not solve the problem.

Checking if http status reveals a 404 when trying accessing the Services - CLI in webui


Please advise

Thanks in advance, Daniel

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Could you try cleanly installing it through bootloader menu?


I've updated my device to 01.14 and CLI and every function works properly.

Did you have any custom compiled firmware installed before?

If nothing works - please cleanly install 01.14 through bootloader menu again and try accessing CLI - after you've failed I would need you to download the troubleshoot file from System > Administration > Troubleshoot and next to "Troubleshoot file" click Download. Please note that doing these steps before downloading troubleshoot file is necessary to see any track of the issue in logs.

Sent that file to me via private message.

Hi and thanks for the reply,

The router is 340 miles away so entering the bootloader is not an option for the moment. :\
Only official Teltonika firmware has been installed.

File coming up ..

Can you check if you're using the right extension? It should be:



As the device is remote, I have to use RMS portal.
Here's what shows in the browser, after login and selecting Services - CLI
Checking the page loading in web developer tools reveals the 404 I posted above.

Unfortunately, logread doesn't output any errors from uhttpd

Ah, sorry, I finally understood what was the issue for you. CLI won't work inside WebUI when reaching out from RMS, that is the reason why there's a separate CLI connection method in RMS.

Please use the RMS CLI connection method instead of going Services > CLI when in remote WebUI.