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Our 2 RUT950 units have stopped working on arrival in the USA from the UK

We have tried T-Mobile local USA simcards, Three UK Simcards and O2 UK Simcards and none of them will work.

The problem is that the RUT950 doesn't seem to be able to see any signals in any frequency band to connect to, this includes GPRS, 3G and LTE.

I have checked the cables to all 4 antennas and the antennas themselves and found no defects.

When trying to scan for any network operators the page hangs and the router still reports that there is 0dBm.

I have set the simcards up from scrats with the correct APN and pin codes etc, but there is no signal being received by the RUT950

This seems to be linked to the latest firmware as the units were working previously with January 2017 firmware.

Current Firmware

Version: RUT9XX_R_00.05.03.3

Build Date: 28-12-11,07:38:19

Bootloader 3.0.1

Any help would be appreciated.


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At first I got one question. What is the product code of your device ? Here you can check the order codes and LTE bands depends on these regions. 

The second this is that RUT950 is in certification progress for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile network.

Information from the back of the units:

RUT950 GG12H0

Batch 0033

HW rev 080B

These were supposed to be global LTE as they were installed on a ship that travels world wide. Sofar they jave worked across Europe, Cameroon, Brazil and Curacao.
How do i check the product code of our units?
Hi again,

You have already given the product code - RUT950 GG12H0, this unit does not use the Global LTE module.

This LTE module will not work in the USA as it supports LTE bands B1 (2100) B3 (1800) B7 (2600) B8 (900) B20 (800DD).

Where did you find the LTE band info for my product code?

The link posted only lists U,J,K,L,M,P and V

I have searched online but cannot find any information for the technical specifications for version G, i have seen other units of a hardware revision of 7 without a letter code but just numbers such as RUT950 301030 or hardware rev 040 with a code of RUT950 4410W0.

Is there a comparison table that lists all the hardware revisions and their avalible sub product codes? as there are several different power connectors and frequency configurations that i can see just looking on Ebay.

In the Teltonika page you can find all the module versions that are available right now.

In your situation RUT950G***** uses the different LTE module (TELIT LE910-EU-v2) which is no longer used for the new devices.

Comparison of the HW revisions is not available.

RUT950 is already certified by AT&T: