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Hi! Looking for a new router to my boat, aiming for a RUT240, and are really impressed by the software package included in the product. Read the "Relayd" documentation but..... When arriving to a harbour I would like that the RUT should automatically connect to the public WiFi if the credentials are registered in the RUT. Is it possible to have a list, for several WiFi:s, stored in the RUT that will handle this ? Thanks.

Update: Read a little Moore and WAN failover maybe solves it, but on the other hand you can just have max 2.....

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Should be possible to be done using custom scripts. _OR_ use a RUT955, which can run official openwrt. Then this task is easier to solve.

I did customized firmware for the RUT955 already for commercial installs.
Thanks! Any links so that I can learn some more?
Browse forum.openwrt.org
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Maybe you are referring to Multiple WiFi AP: RUT955 Wireless - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)

It is also available in RUT240 now on the latest firmware: 

Let me know if this is correct or no. :) 


Hi and thanks for your answer

Yes you have found the solution. Have you tested it ?

I had to read the info several times before understanding. ;-)

Maybe the heading should be changed from => Multiple wireless access points, to => Multiple wireless access points for "Wireless Station Mode"

Once again thanks !

Now tested and works, but got other problems so will create a new post.