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When I connect my radar (boat) to the LAN and connect my laptop to the LAN.

The UDP stream from my radar is coming fine without any loss to my laptop.

But when connected to WLAN 5ghz and sitting next to the teltonika RutX11 the UDP stream is very intermittent.

I'm missing about 60% of the packets.

Can you please advise me how to troubleshoot or solve this issue?

2 Answers

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Are your WiFi antennas connected to the RUTX11?

Can you please elaborate a little more your question? What's your configuration? How should it works?
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Sorry for the late reply, the unit is located in my boat. And do not go there every week.

In the mean time the unit has complete failed. I see that there is mobile reception (because of the leds) but are unable to reach interface via cabled nor is the wifi working.

I've ordered a new unit, while this unit is going back for repair. Perhaps it was already failing.

Will update this when I have more information.