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In the manual, Zerotier is listed under "Package Manager"

But when I go into the WEBUI on the device, Zerotier is not in the list.

Where do I find the Zerotier package?

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For the inquiry of yours, you can download the Zerotier package at this link: TRB255 Package Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)

And for the issue of zero tier not showing in the package manager list, I will inform HQ of this.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Kind Regards,

OK, thanks :-)

When trying to install tha said package, I got the error message "Not enough memory...." . It seems, I am not the first having this problem, in another lead, I read: "It is a known issue when ZeroTier is missing from Packet Manager and cannot be installed manually using 2.6 firmware. I would like to suggest waiting for the next firmware release when tis issue will be fixed or roll back to the 2.5 version".

1. When is next firmware release coming?

2. How do I roll back to 2.5 version?