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in Switzerland, our provider (Swisscom) has recently switched off the 2G network. Since then we have problems with our Teltonika RUT950 routers. If they do not have good signal, they hardly register anymore. It takes several reboots of the router until it 'catches' again. Now we found out that the routers only log in to LTE 1800 and 2100 MHz but do not use LTE 700-900 MHz (which the provider also offers). This would be necessary especially with poor signal.

Is there anything where we can adjust? Or does anyone else have a suggestion?

It is the same for all routers (we have several of them), no matter what firmware (we actually always use the latest). We have a custom APN.

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If you're having a poor signal in your area with our standard antennas that come with the packaging of the router - I recommend looking for third-party antennas that could increase your signal significantly.


As for locking on the bands that your operator also recommends, you will find information here: