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Setting up RUTX11 to only work over mobile cell service with a ipsec VPN to a sonicwall.  VPN is configured and "connected".

However no traffic is being passed over the VPN either direction.

Is there any setting that blocks data over cellular connections to save data?  Using Verizon as the data provider.

Thank you for the help.

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It is hard to imagine what went wrong with your configuration without being able to see it, but I suggest checking if you can access the outside network using your RUTX11 first. After you confirm that you can access outside internet correctly, please refer to this guide to check every configuration detail: https://kaunas.teltonika.lt:444/f/26dd8c994ee74cfd80ea/?dl=1

Note: this guide is written for RUT240, but everything applies for RUTX11 too.