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I'm searching for a LTE/WiFI solution in my camper. Probably I will mostly use a Wifi connection with the camping WiFi but will always use WiFi inside the camper to be able to connect my laptop, smartphones and tablets to the internet. I understood from other questions that the same antenna (and then probably also the same radio) is used for both the WiFi connection with the camping and the internal WiFi in the camper. What is the consequence of sharing the antenna's (and radio) for the WiFi throughput (average speed)? Is this then half of what you normally could have when using separate antenna's/radio's for connecting to the camping WiFi and the internal WiFi?

I know that there are other camper solutions like Alfa Networks that have separate antenna's/radio's for both WiFi connections and these then probably have better throughput when I'm correct.

Thanks for your reply.


Thought it was an interested question so tested with my RUT 240 which have just 2,4 GHz and one radio. Connected RUT via WiFi to my iPhone and got 20 Mbit/s down and 12 upp. Nice !


Thanks Mats for the test and good to know the result but what was the throughput when connecting your iPhone directly to you WiFi?
Sorry to be unclear. The phone was in “share” internet mode and I used a cable connected Mac to run the test. …. Think I will do another test later when both are WiFi connected….

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People use it simply, 2.4Ghz outside, and 5Ghz in close-range, and RUTX11 is capable of both.

If you mean can you separate the WiFi AP networks to different subnets so they cannot communicate to each other - it's possible too.

In any case you should find most of the information here:

Answering your main question - will it have better throughput if you use the router with separate channel antennas - probably yes, will it be significant - no. So it really depends on the expectations you're having.

I can understand that with the RUTX11, having both 2.4 and 5 GHz networks, you make use of separate radio's and then throughput will be better. Although you wil probably still make use use of the same antenna's which might impact throughput. Furthermore, the RUTX11 is not very cheap especially compared with e.g. the RUT240, new RUT360 or Alfa Networks.

I need the WiFi to be able to work mobile from my camper and are therefore searching for a good solution with highest possible throughput.
Well, RUTX11 is a great router with the modem, so I believe it should give you your expected results.

If it's too expensive for you, as an alternative you can take a look at RUT360.