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Is there currently a solution for secured connection all device behind a remote router (e.g. PLC's or general ethernet/serial devices) based on TCP/UTP? Something what does not require public ip on routers side, but just simple internet access?
I'm looking for solution similar to PLCLINK or eWON (both using VPN server in the middle). Your routers looks great, but as I explored general functionality, it seems that only remote destop/ssh/https services are provided by RMS.
Thank you
I did your considered setup, using clients VPN server in the middle, for commercial IoT systems, to allow mobile app to acccess IoT devices connected to remote RUT955. For details, pls PM.

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If you don't have public IP addresses on your routers your best option is to use Zerotier


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Thank you for answer. Well, but it requires joining of third subject (ZeroTier company), with all disadvatages (spread of responsibility for functionality, trust issues, pay fees to many subject, etc). I'm looking an alternative for solutions mentioned above (eWon, PLCLINK). Your routers have amazed me in technical features, but missing the easy P2P software solution. Most of customers don't have IT skills to configure networks. They want just to connect securely to their vary remote devices connected to internet (e.g. by your routers) in few clicks. 

Maybe would be usefull an application example like:
People or software anywhere <-- Internet -->    RUT955 <--> PLCs/drives/robots,etc. in a factory 1
                                                                           RUT955 <--> PLCs/drives/robots,etc. in a factory 2
                                                                           RUT955 <--> PLCs/drives/robots,etc. in a factory 3
                                                                            …and many other devices in the field

Can you please offer solution (covered by Teltonica only) for this common scenario?
Best regards, Roman Kejík


In that case, you should consider using RMS which is as secure as it gets and also you will be able to access devices behind RUT955 in few clicks, even without accessing RUT955 WebUI.

For more information, please read this wiki page: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RMS

I think we returned are back to my first question....

As I understand RMS, it is designed to monitor/manage your routers in the field, connected to Internet. But I primary need to connect remotely all device in LAN behing the router, typically PLCs and HMIs. These devices communicate by it's own protocols on it's own ports.So, what it needs is a VPN tunnel, which allows transparent TCP/UTP communication, not only RDP/VNC/SSH/HTTPS protocols. Additionally, with using usual SIM cards or services (no public/static IP, no personal APN), just inserting public SIM card for LTE connection.

So, sorry for my misunderstanding. The only thing not still clear for me is: when I connect RUT955 to Internet via public LTE or WAN, is there a Teltonica's solution how to reach all devices behing RUT955 (for example by VPN connectivity)? Or must I use VPN solution of third party?
The idea that I had when I answered your question was - maybe you need a way to ACCESS the devices behind LAN? RMS can do it, it can access the devices behind your RUT's and TRB's and so on without any issues if they have some kind of HTTP(S) service working.

If you need a connection between PLC's that are behind DIFFERENT devices - then your best bet would be VPN, yes.

I would suggest trying OpenVPN or ZeroTier, as OpenVPN has the most insight on our wiki and ZeroTier is just easy to set-up, and instructions for them are here: