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I have a RUTX11 and ask myself two questions:

1) Can I establish a xDSL connection over PPPoE without an Externel xDSL Modem using the RUTX11?

2) If 1) is possible, how do I configure the RUTX11 WAN Port?

I am not a Network Specialist, so I assumed that 1) is possible. What I did was to Set Up PPPoE with my providers Login Credentials. Also, I used as interface a tagged VLAN which seems to be required by the provider (VLAN-ID 7).

The WAN interface stays in status: Stopped.

I appreciate any advice on the topic.

Thank you very much.

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the X11 has no DSL modem included. The WAN interface is a ethernet interface and you will need an external modem for a DSL connection.
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