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I use RUTX09 with RUTX_R_00.02.06.1 FW.

I have 2 profiles with only 1 difference between both which is band selection: automatic in one case in SIM2_profile and Manual with B3 and B28 selected in "SIM2_B3B28" .

When I switch e.g. from SIM2_profile to SIM2_B3B28 one I can see band selection change is not applied. In following capture you can see despite SIM2_B3B28 is applied band selection (B3 + B20) is incompatible with this one and actually corresponds to the previous SIM2_profile profile (i.e. modem continue to run in same band configuration despite the profile change).

When I restart modem then the correct band selection (B28+B3) is applied:

I have captured troubleshoot file if it can help to fix the issue.

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Please send me another troubleshoot file via private message. Thank you very much for discovering so many band selection-related issues, it will help us a lot.