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I am installing a RUT955 in an expedition vehicle and want to use the GPS signal for 2 different purposes.

- Tracking the vehicle every time it moves and save the data to an SD Card or whatever the RUT supports. Then read out this data (let's say every month) and convert it in a universal format like GPX or KML to use it in different ways.

- Forward the GPS data from the RUT955 to a smartphone or tablet in the car (through the local wifi the RUT955 builds up) to use it for a navigation app.

Now my question, is that possible?

There is an option in the web interface to store the GPS data locally but what settings do I need to make to just store the basic gps data and is it possible to convert it afterwards to a format like GPX or KML?

Forwarding the NMEA data should be possible but is there any kind of app that can read out the data from the RUT955 in a network and make it usable for a nav-app?

Would be nice to use just one gps antenna for all devices.

Thanks in advance

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Thank you for contacting.

Regarding your query.

Tracking the vehicle every time , this might help you.

Here are some of third party platforms that Rut supports.

Regarding the conversion it is not possible on our router , it will need some extra development .

For saving it to flash memory/USB etc you can try changing type here:

But make sure you connect USB properly before you test this feature .

For memory extension please check here:

For sending data to tablet etc . It depends what protocol your tablet supports. You can then simply send it to the IP address and port used by that server.

Regarding the app we don't have any such app.

Thank you.