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My operator does have an option to provide:

operator      (high bandwith - but limited data usage)
operator+    (low bandwith - but unlimited data usage)

How can I force the device to connect to operator+ ? and if it fails to connect, reboot device and try to connect again?

Reason for asking is that when I reboot the device.. it connects to operator+.. which it should... then after some time, it connect to operator.. and thereby, if my operator data usage is empty (all data is used), I cannot connect to any devices inside the network.. because of limits to 128k... only for reading email etc..)

Thank you for helping.

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1.) SSH into the RUT950. (enable SSH  if you cannot login into it!)

2.) type:  vim /etc/crontabs/checkoperator.sh

type "i" and enter this code:

operator=`/usr/sbin/gsmctl -o`
# do not edit after this line.

if [ $operator == $operator_OK ]
#echo "Operator=$operator"
#echo "continue operating.."
#echo "(reboot canceled)"
#echo "Operator=$operator"
#echo "Restarting GSM modem.."
/etc/init.d/modem restart

3.) Click "ESC"  x2.. and then ":" and "wq"  ..and the return. The file should be saved, and you get back to prompt.

4.) Now type: chmod 700 /etc/crontabs/checkoperator.sh

5.) type: crontab -e

and you need to add a line;

type: "i"

And add this line:

*/10 * * * * /etc/crontabs/checkoperator.sh

Click "ESC" 2xtimes... and the type ":" and "wq"  and click enter.... not the new crontab is operational and the system should now check the operator your connected to, and reboot, if the operator is wrong..

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You can connect to your desired operator manually (only if the SIM card supports it) by navigating WebUI > Network > Mobile > Network operators. In this window, you can manually scan for all available operators and select connection mode.


Thank you for reply.
I see the operator only has one operator code. And therefore I cannot select another operator+ code.

I've tried setting specific 
Mobile - General - Network frequency band: LTE B20  - but this did not help.

Guessing I have to check the logs - to see at what time/or for "how long time does it take", before the system connects from
Operator+ connection -> operator connection... the logs did not give me any clear indications. Any tips how to check this would be creatly appreciated. If I know that f.ex. every 4 hours the device goes from operator+  to operator  connection, I can reboot the device (or re-register modem?) so it will connect again to operator+. 


In case you cannot connect to the internet or ping another device, you could set up the Auto Reboot feature. You can read more about it right here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_Auto_Reboot#Ping_Reboot_Settings

This is super! Yes, I will use the auto reboot feature! :)
But is there a way to check the logs - when the system goes from operator+mode  to  operator-mode ?

It is possible, via CLI interface SSH client. Navigate Services > CLI and to access this interface.

Username: root

Password: your WebUI password.

Run command logread. It should print all the router logs.



Thanks! I will check this out.

Do you know if its possible make a scripts that runs every 10min,

If operator mode=operator, then reboot
If operator mode=operator+, exit

Looking at
Tells me that I can create a bash script, and schedule it through cron.

Now I only need to know that the "variable" for operator is... is there a way to list all variables used ?



gsmctl will give the operator's name:

opername = $(gsmctl -o)