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Words of Wisdom needed

FW:    RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.1
ISP:   DNA Finnland

What is the goal?

Connect Home Office to company using RUT950 at the company end and another RUT950 or Windows Client at home.
I would like to use OpenVPN but any other will do as well. Use IPv6 to do all this.

Problem is that my ISP uses CG-NAT so no public v4 IP address is available. There is no fixed IPv4 either.
However ISP is Dual Stack and gives me a ipv6 /64 address space.
Using Huawei B818 connected to this service I can see B818 gets a proper v6 address OK.
The same done in iPhone8 works as well and IPv6 test passes 20/20 OK.

If I understand this correctly what I would need in RUT950 is:
- capability to use DHCP6 Prefix Delegation to get a proper IPv6 address
- capability to use DynDNS which works with both v4 and v6 addresses
- capability to update chosen DynDNS service when need be
- OpenVPN or L2TP capable of using IPv6 (at both ends)

Can all this be done with the RUT950 with the FW i'm running ?
Can this be done with some other Teltonika device ?
Are there any other router that You know of capable to do all this ?

1 Answer

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Right now RUT950 will not be capable of sustaining IPv6 connection that you're hoping for. It will gain IPv6 address from the other end, but services and some basic functions still do not fully support it.

What I could suggest is looking at the possibility to upgrade. RUTX devices are also not fully done with IPv6 corrections, but they are much more stable with it and almost all of the functions should work properly.

Of course, RUT9XX series devices will not be left behind, they're awaiting firmware updates that should overhaul their structure and functionality soon.