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I have a RUTX12. I have a number of devices which I would like to restrict to LAN-only communication, i.e. no internet access.

I want them to be able to communicate with each other, and communicate with one or two specific local computers so that they can be managed via SSH or similar.

They should be given IP addresses either automatically via normal DHCP or should be able to self-assign static IPs.

The devices could be wireless or wired, so I would like to create a new restricted WiFi network specifically for these devices, as well as a specific LAN port (e.g. port #4) to which I will connect wired devices via a switch.

Basically I want a WiFi network and a LAN port which operate on a "LAN-only" basis.

How do I achieve this please? Not sure if I should be using VLANs, custom interfaces, firewall rules, etc. etc. so would appreciate a simple explanation of the most elegant solution which covers all of the above.

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Thank you for contacting .

This could be achieved with the help of vlan + traffic rules or traffic rules.

1)VLAN+Traffic rules:

You can create multiple vlans and traffic rule for drop packets from vlan1 ,1 vlan for restricted devices and others for internet access(no need to create forward rule for this).

2) You can set a static IP to the devices you don't want to allow internet access , you can set a range for those devices like drop packets for these ip addresses to tha destination WAN .




I hope it helps.