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We are using the following version: RUTX_R_00.02.05.1

With the following firmware version: RUTX_R_00.02.05.1

And the following settings:
- forwarding interval = 1
- collection interval = 1
- Nmea collecting activated to store nmea frames in /mnt/gps.txt
- Nmea forwarding cache set to RAM memory and Maximum senteces set to 5000 lines

Running tail -f /mnt/gps.txt on the router shows that the nmea frames are recorded about once per second.
Running nc -l 8500 on the host we receive an nmea message about once every 15 seconds and the remaining messages are lost.

If we change the settings of Nmea cache to Flash memory and use /mnt/cache.txt as cache file the behavior is as expected. That is running nc -l 8500 on the host we receive all nmea messages which are also logged to /mnt/gps.txt.

Is this a known issue? Is this a feature or a bug? Is there a corresponding open issue for this?


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Could you please update your router to the latest firmware version without saving the settings?


Once updated - try setting up all that configuration again, but make sure the cache file is empty and then save.

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