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I am not able to connect to Wireguard from boot. It seems to be a DNS problem.

If I add another DNS address on the LAN side and Save and APply changes the system comes up.

Failure to do this and I sit with no internet.

Is there a way to get into the Wireguard config using CLI and add DNS servers?

Can a command be written to restart the DNS servers when VPN is connected?

Just guessing here and maybe nmot even finding the problem.
Hello and thank you for this idea.

To elaborate

I have VPN with TorGuard. They provide the dns addresses to use but the wireguard settings do not allow a dns address to be input so I have put it in the LAN settings.

when I connect the VPN through the RUTX09 the connection is successful and the IP address of the vpn can be pinged but there is no DNS associated with the connection. Does the DNS need refreshed in some way now that there is a different connection and path to the internet?

I have reset the full rut back to factory settings  and it seems to be working for now.
One month on and R&D not got back to me!

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Regarding the issue, you are having sorry to say I am not able to get the whole picture of your solution. You are pointing out a DNS problem if this is so problem you can try pushing your DNS server when the connected LAN device is running on DHCP. You can do this by navigating to Network > LAN > DHCP Server > DHCP Option input 6, IP address of your DNS Server, Alternative DNS Server example: 6,, 

If this is not the solution you are looking for it would be best to give me a sketch of your network topology for me to understand more. 

I hope it helps


OK it is happening again.

So I have RUTX09 on LTE mobile network with CGNAT.

This is connected to a UNIFI wifi system with controller.

ALL DNS is set on the LAN side as (RUT address) as Primary and (or if testing different DNS) set as secondary DNS.

On the RUT I have LAN DNS set as, (have also tried,

When VPN IS OFF, all networking and routing works fine.

When VPN (Torguard.net) is on it will not work and the DNS does not seem to refresh on the new connection).

I am frustrated at trying to get this to work.

Is this a Wireguard issue, I note that the information sent to me by Torguard asks me to include a static DNS but this is not an option when setting up the wireguard connection.

I am not an expert in DNS but wonder if the session freezes and does not reset when the VPN is connected?

Pinging the VPN WAN address provided by torguard gets a connection.

How do I seek further support to see if this is a problem with the Wireguard add on?

Could you share with me a copy of the device troubleshoot file kindly send it via PM.

Hi, communication with you seems to have stopped.

Can anyone from tech help?

I have now trouble shooted to find out that in the VPN menu and Wireguard and then Peer and then advanced there is a switch for ROUTE ALLOWED IPS.

with switch off the vpn connection doesn’t work. (Stays routed to isp)

With switch on it does work

When rebooted it does not work until. Switch is moved to off them saved and then moved to on them saved.

The moving of switch to off at any time connects to ISP not VPN.

The moving of the switch to ON connects to vpn

Rebooting with the switch ON fails any connection to the internet until above is done.

This case of yours is currently pending with our RnD Team I will let you know once I hear from them.