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I tried to show the last 10 lines of saved eventslog with following.

But eventslog shows the oldest logs.

I know logread is different from eventslog. logread is temporally stored on DRAM. But eventslog is stored on mdtblock7 flash storage.

Could you tell me the command line for showing the last 10 lines of saved eventslog ?

root@RUT240:~# eventslog -p -l 10 -t ALL
16|1618318785|Network Type|Joined 4G LTE
25|1618318785|Network Type|Joined 4G LTE
17|1618318798|Network Type|Joined 3G WCDMA
26|1618318799|Network Type|Joined 3G WCDMA
18|1618318803|Network Type|Joined 4G LTE
27|1618318803|Network Type|Joined 4G LTE
1|1620831648|Network Type|Joined 4G LTE
2|1620831660|Network Type|Joined 3G WCDMA
3|1620831661|Network Type|Joined 4G LTE
1|1620831702|Port|LAN unplugged / Wired WAN connection non operational

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Use this command:

eventslog -p -t ALL | sort -n | tail -10


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