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I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 and i am trying to run make menuconfig. I have followed the steps here:


and also removed these files as suggested here:


I get this error every time and it does not load:

Has anyone seen this? 

I have tried with different VM's also and have exact same issue.

If someone has successfully run this latest version could you please let me know how?

I will add that i can run 2.05 version SDK no problems.


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Do you have enough memory to to run the process ? What is the output of ulimit -a ?

Thanks Flebourse,

This is the response to ulimit -a:

I use this version on a bare metal centos 7 + devtoolset-9 system with 32 Gb ram I have never experienced segfaults during the make menuconfig step.

You can try a "strace -v -f -ff -y -s 1024 -o tracefile make menuconfig" and grep SIGSEGV tracefile* this will tell you at least which process fails and why.

"make V=sc menuconfig" may also help.

Edit: the SIGSEGV appears to come from gcc, use Ubuntu 20.04 istead.