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Hi, we have a big issue after update ours RUT240 from 1.13.3 to 1.1, no more mobile network connection!

Using the 1.13.3 everything works fine, after update to 1.14 we not able to have net connection using mobile ... what's wrong?

We try to reset to factory default and set the modem up again but there are none autentication access to the radius server....

We downgrade to the 1.13.3 and it works ...

Please help us, we have 40 rut240 that we can't use !

Thank You

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For this issue of yours, it would be best to share with me a screenshot of the Mobile Parameters you are getting with the firmware of 1.14. I am pointing out the mobile parameters that can be found in Status > Network > Mobile of the router's Web UI. 

Also, could you try to disable the Auto APN functionality and doing it manually it may help. 

Let me know the results.