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I have been having quite some difficulty setting up my first Teltonika router (RUT950)

Here are my setup steps:

1. Login to Admin at

2. Change Password

3. Admin => Network => LAN => update IP address to to avoid conflict

4. Login at Admin at

5. Admin => Network => WAN => set Main WAN to WiFi

6. Admin => Network => WAN => WiFi => Scan => Join Network

Now I have a working access point I can connect to (RUT950_BB42), with the RUT950 sourcing it's internet connection through WIFI WAN. When I visit Admin => Network => WAN, I can see the IP Address for WiFi (WAN) is NOTE: when joining the network in step 6, the progress indicator does not get passed "/etc/config/quagga" and I have to manually refresh the screen and log back in to the Admin panel.

7. turn the RUT950 off and on again, or reboot through Admin => System => Reboot

Now the access point RUT950_BB42 is not available.

8. Log back in to the Admin panel at

Now when I visit Admin => Network => WAN, I can see the IP Address for WiFi (WAN) is “-“

I have tried repeating the set up steps 5 and 6 as detailed above and rebooting again. This does not resolve the issue.

The only thing that does resolve the issue is going to Admin => System => Administration => Restore to Factory defaults, then starting again at step 1 as detailed above. I can’t be doing that every time the router is turned rebooted.

I’ve spent a good 6 hours trying to work out what the issue is here with no luck. I’m really hoping there is a solution because the RUT950 does seem like a quality product and I would like to use it however my initial experience has been It’s very frustrating and costly.



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Please send me a troubleshoot file via pm, you can download it from the System->Administration->Troubleshoot menu.

Best regards.