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Good morning

We had problems with the RS232 interface on several Teltonika RUT955.

After a few weeks the RS232 interface on the RUT955 hung up and the communication with the end device did not work anymore. Only with a hardware restart (power off) the communication could be made to work again. Until the next time....

The RS232 communication is me RxD, TxD and GND

FW RUT955:


RS232 Serial Configuration:

Baud rate: 9600

Data bits: 7

Parity: Even

Stop bits: 1

Flow control: None

Serial type: Over IP

Protocol: TCP

Mode: Server

No leading zeros: Deactivate

Always reconnect: Deactivate

TCP port: 4059

Timeout (s): None

Echo: Deactivate

Enable email: Deactivate


Are there any known firmware problems with the RS232 interface?

Thanks for the feedback

1 Answer

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Thank you for contacting.

Its best to always use the latest firmware because there are a lot bugs fixes in the newer firmware. You are using a very older firmware.

Its highly recommended to always use the latest available ;

Latest could be downloaded here:


Let me know the results after you upgrade .