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Dear sir, madam,

I'm using the wifi client part to get normal internet access via wifi whenever I can.

However, after a couple of days, i need to change the client's mac address to reconnect (mac being banned?).
Can you add a feature to randomize the mac address on every reconnect? Similar like how Iphones can?
At this moment, i have to login via 4G, get to the wifi client settings, change the Mac address overwrite to some other mac, and we're online again. It would be really easy if that could be automated.



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Unfortunately, there's no such feature on our devices and it would take some time and costs to develop it.

Also, this feature would not work very well with our Remote Management System as MAC randomizing would surely mess up the connection with the devices and their identification.

If you really need this feature - please contact our sales managers and hopefully you will manage to get this feature developed.

On other hand, you can always write a script that would randomize the MAC.