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I tried all recommended steps (or I think I did) but still not working.

I connect to the RUT955 via OpenVPN (Open VPN is working). A fixed IP adress is set in a seperat contact.

When I put in the fixed IP I would like to get forarded to a camera. When in addition I put in port 8080 I would like to reach the RUT955.

The RUT955 is set to internal IP

I did the steps like in the enclosed pictures done.

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Thank you for contacting .

For the router you need to change it in the System>Administration>Access control , change http port to 8080 and there is no need to make any port forwarding rule for this.

For the camera , you can make a port forwarding rule .

Internal port for the camera : That you can see in the camera settings , for e.g port is 80 or 90 keep that as internal port on port forwarding in Rut device. Then set external port as 80 . Then you will be able to access the camera through that port. 

Further its better to provide a complete topology of your scenario with IP addresses and ports mentioned to understand everything more clearly.