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I have a JSON-RPC cmd that fails in some of the RUT950 devices (connection timeout). I tried to increase the timeout, with no luck and ran `nmap` to check for the port 80, which apparently is closed on the routers where the json-rpc fails. Is there a command/rule or file where we can restore and open the port(s)?  I want to avoid a hard reset, as it has happened before to not be working.

The settings in web gui look right with the port 80/443 being enabled and the json-rpc.



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Have you done anything to the firewall or access control configuration on these particular devices?

I've just tested RUT950 on the latest firmware and it's running JSON-RPC just fine.

It is possible to restore settings through SMS utilities and UCI commands (if you lost HTTP access to your device), but for that we need to know exactly what happened or what was changed for it to not work. In these cases, I always suggest restoring to default factory settings.