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We have many RUT240, many of them are used with wired connection and cellular failover.

The ones that were installed 1 or 2 years ago seem to work fine, we stopped using the teltonika products since then, now we are back with these routers but unfortunately the failover function does not work properly.

It doesn't work with ping function, it only works when we unplug/replug the wired connection or if we send a reboot command...

Any ideas ??


It only works when we unplug the cable or by rebooting the router.

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Please check the firmware and update it to the latest accordingly.

I just checked RUT240 with the latest one with this sequence:

1. SIM inserted, active.

2. Connected to WiFi as failover WAN.

3. Pinged and removed SIM to see if it switches.

4. TTL value changed and continued to ping without any issues, which means it switched WiFi WAN successfully, so I couldn't reproduce your issue.