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by anonymous


I am using SMS utilities. I am receiving this status message when using the status command:

Router name - TRB14010XXXX; WAN IP - 10.103.232.XXX; Data Connection state - Connected; Connection type - LTE; Signal Strength - -63; New FW available - No;--

I do not have internet on the device it is connected to though. It is connected via Ethernet. It was working fine for months.

Your help would be much appreciated.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Everything seems fine in the reply of status.

Could you get me a troubleshoot file for this device?

Troubleshoot file could be downloaded in System>Administration>Troubleshoot

How did you figured that device doesn't have internet ?

Have you tried rebooting?

Thank you.



by anonymous
Hi Ahmed,

I use VNC to remotely access into the device which always works if there is internet connection.

I cannot access the device log as every time I need to factory reset to gain internet connection. I cannot access it physically.

I have tried rebooting, webon, mobileon, etc.

I did notice when I did manage to get it to work for a moment that the CPU usage of the modem was at 75%. Is this normal CPU usage behaviour?

Your urgent help would be greatly appreciated.
by anonymous


May i know if you are connecting on VNC with RMS?

Is this possible if we can get a troubleshoot file for the device ?

Troubleshoot file could be downloaded in System>Administration>Troubleshoot.

Can you confirm if you have connected SMA mobile antenna and its properly connected?

For the CPU usage its normal and will come down once you are out of WEBUI.