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I'm trying to developing a tool (bash script) for setting up some custom configuration. I need to applied those customizations as fast as I can for new routers. I want to create a script and save it on a pendrive and when it plug in, the automount script check if file exist and apply the custom configuration.

Maybe I can change the system files that I want modify, but I'm trying to use uci command without success.

For example, I can't change the hostname with:

uci set system.system.hostname=newname

uci commit system


I get this error when type 'luci-reload':

A match found : 99
A match found : 99

And the hostname isn't change in /proc/sys/kernel/hostname file.

If I change hostname from web browser (luci), this file is changed successful.

What am I doing wrong? Another approach for initial customization?

Thanks in advance

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I would like to suggest configuring one of your RUT955 and download a configuration backup. Once you have configuration backup, you could import it to your other RUT955's. More information: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_Configuration_Backup