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by anonymous
I have problem with ZeroTier VPN connection on RUT 955. I know similar questions have already been posted but I still have a problem. I followed all FAQ and wiki but no success.

Problem description

After I disconnect power supply ZeroTier connection almost never gets established. Connection gets established if I manually reset ZeroTier using CLI command (/etc/init.d/zerotier restart). In this case I can ping ZeroTier IP until next reboot.

On wiki I seen there is startup script which solves this issue ( I integrated this script with lowercase ‘w’. For IP address I used one Windows ZeroTier client which is always online and I can ping it. Also from Teltonika when ZeroTier connection warks.

After I reboot router (disconnect power supply) after few minutes I can ping router but only for approximately 1 minute. After that it can’t ping it any more.

If I use above startup script remote reboot don’t work. Even if I use lowercase ‘w’.

What I did with RUT 955:

1) Reset device to factory defaults

2) Load newest FW

   FW = RUT9XX_R00.06.08.2

   Kernel = 3.18.44

   Bootloader = 3.0.1

3) Load zerotier package


4) Set ZeroTier VPN settings

   General = Enable + Network

   VPN = Enable + Client + Network

5) Activate startup script

I use ZeroTier also with one older version of RUT 955 router where I don’t experience such problems. I use same FW and ZeroTier settings

  FW = RUT9XX_R00.06.08.2

   Kernel = 3.18.44

   Bootloader = 2.0.0

Where could be the problem?
by anonymous
Good day,

Please I need assist on how to connect remotely to my head office network via a branch router.

I am only able to see the Branch's router's webui (, but can't connect to the Head Office's server on

Please, help with the right configuration including (firewall, ports to be used & forwarding)

Many thanks

1 Answer

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by anonymous


I would like to suggest inserting your CLI command ((/etc/init.d/zerotier restart)) into the user scripts page. It should restart the zero tier service after every boot sequence. More information can be found: