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by anonymous


I'm using TRB141 Gateway. fw version TRB1_R_00.02.06.1

I need to send analog data from the device to my console using my own MQTT broker. I configured the device as the slave in MODBUS TCP Slave. Added the device in MODBUS TCP Master and specified the input, register etc.

I configured the MQTT Gateway to my MQTT Broker (not the internal broker)

Under DATA TO SERVER, I specified the json, gave my MQTT host name and other parameters like topic, username and password.

On subscribing to the topic, I'm not getting the data. Where have I gone wrong? Should I configure the MQTT gateway to the internal MQTT broker? Or is it because of security reasons? Can't we use another broker in TRB141?

Note: I had tried using the internal MQTT Broker and test it using MQTTfx. It was working.

Thanks in advance for your help.

by anonymous
Should The internal broker and MQTT bridge be turned on when you are using another MQTT broker?

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by anonymous

I would like you to share with me a copy of the troubleshoot file of the TRB141 so that I can check.

I have a document that may help kindly check this file:

You can test it with you can test it for free.

by anonymous

Thank you for the response. Here's the troubleshoot file