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we have purchased a TRB140 device last week and we have a similar issue to here: https://community.teltonika-networks.com/3941/rut955-running-at-100%25-cpu-usage-with-no-advanced-config We are using A1 (Telekom Austria) business LTE contract with static IP. At us also at 20-30mbit/s CPU usage is on 100% even when Bridge mode is activated. Please help me here.

Anyone other has the same issue? Is this normal? Model: TRB140 Our FW version is: TRB1_R_00.02.06.1 Modem FW: EC25EUGAR06A05M4G_BETA1108 Product code: TRB14000XXXX Hardware revision: 0007

Thank you.



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Thank you for contacting .

May i know what services you are using ?

Could you share a troubleshoot file when you see 100% usage on webui. 

Troubleshoot file could be downloaded in System>Administration>Troubleshoot

Have you tried keeping CPU usage on monitoring , don't use webui for a while and check what usage you see then ? Because sometimes when you are on webui its showing more usage but if you see after some time it drops. If it drops to near 90 its acceptable. 

Thank you.




It depends on the mobile , signals, device location and some other parameters.

You can see this video for further details:


What is the model for huawei ?

Thanks .

As mentioned in last message it´s a "Huawei B535-232".

And also as mentioned in last message i have tested both at same time, same location with same sim card and same speed test device.



The mentioned Huawei device is much more powerful in features than Telotnika TRB140. We do have such powerful models in Rutx series as well.

But your huawei is LTE CAT7 (300Mbps / 100Mbps) and TRB140 is only LTE CAT4 .

Huawei is Gigabit Ethernet port and TRB140 is CAT4. 

Huawei might have more better signals than TRB140 because of 2 Antennas and TRB140 only has 1 antenna port.

If you test one of our device from Rutx series you will definitely have almost the same results as Huawei because of same features.


Yes, but you mentioned up to 150mbit and not up to 25mbit in the product. So when this is your explaination then you should not advertise it as 150mbit and i want to refund it. Signal is very good on both devices and i´ve got 100mbit lan port on macbook so this should not make any difference in my test. I have bought an 150mbit device and not an 25mbit device. How should we proceed?

May i know what are the bands used by huawei device , have you tried to keep the same bands manually on TRB device.

Might be LTE band that is automatically choosen by TRB has lets suppose -55dbm but less bandwidth and may be LTE band choosen by huawei has -64rssi and higher bandwidth.

Further the 150mbps bandwidth is basically in lab conditions. Have you tried with another LTE CAT4 device , what are the results on that?

Please let me know.