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Dear Teltonika Support Team,

I have a question regarding the NTRIP client of the RUT955. Namely, I have connected via RS232 an external GNSS receiver to which I would like to transmit RTCM correction data. The RS232 connection, seems to work, because when I read /dev/rs232, of the router, I get displayed that NMEA records of the GNSS receiver arrive there. And also the connection to the NTRIP caster seems to work, this suggests the Status→Graphs→Connections window in the WebUI of my router, because there is an existing connection to the NTRIP caster listed, in which also TCP packets are exchanged. However, the GNSS receiver does not seem to receive valid RTCM correction data. This can have different reasons, one of them is perhaps that the NTRIP client in the RUT955 does not work properly, therefore I would like to know if one can see status information regarding the NTRIP client if there is indeed a connection to the NTRIP caster and RTCM data arrives at the router and if this data is then also passed on to the GNSS receiver via RS232.

I would be glad if you could support me with my problem.

Many greetings


Product code: RUT955T033B0

FW version: RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.2

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I think I have been able to solve my problem, and that is that by accident I came across the fact that the NTRIP caster I am connected to also has its own baud rate. I didn't know this, so I had simply set the baud rate to match the INS, which in turn I had set to 115200. But the caster sends with a baud rate of 9600. Now I set the INS and the RUT955 also to this baud rate and lo and behold everything works and my INS reaches RTK level position estimates.
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For this issue of yours could you share with me a copy of the RUT955 troubleshoot file?

You can get it by navigating to System > Administration > Troubleshoot in the router's Web UI.



Hello Mellow,

thank you very much for your reply and support. I sent you a private message with the troubleshoot file.

Many greetings