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by anonymous

for business continuity, I need to have a Mobile connectivity backup, in case my main WAN goes down.  

Which teltonika mobile router (a CAT4 is enough to me) has the capability to switch to Mobile connectivity when it detects the WAN is no more available? And to automatically failback to the WAN, when the WAN comes alive again?

Thank you

1 Answer

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by anonymous
RUT955 should do this.

However, I did customized, official openwrt for the RUT955, (also) including this feature.
by anonymous
Thank you for the hint, I see here:

the RUT 240 appliance (enough for my needs) should accept openWRT, but it is not clear if teltonika supports this "modding".

Anyway, I would prefer using the original and supported OS, to reduce any update & maintenance effort.

Do you know it it is it possible to configure failover & failback on this device?

EDIT: just found this post & related Wiki doc:

it seems that both failover (triggered by "Attempts before failover") and Failback (triggered by "Attempts before recovery") are supported.

Hope that Teltonika support can confirm this