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We are currently working on a project with following configuration.

Remote Modbus TCP Master -------(Modbus TCP)-----> Teltonika (TRB245) Modbus TCP to Serial Gateway ----(Modbus RS485)---> Omron PLC

When Modbus TCP communications are active, the TRB245 should convert TCP query packets to serial and send to Omron. Response packets from Omron should in turn be converted into TCP and sent to Remote Modbus TCP master. I believe TRB245 can be configured as Modbus Gateway. Can you direct me to the user documentation that talks about this gateway configuration?

We also need that the TRB245 should execute a script as a periodic task. The script should check for Modbus communication loss on the TCP channel and if there is no communication for more than 5 minutes, the script should switch the TRB245 to Modbus Master mode and start reading Modbus registers from Omron PLC, execute some logic and write commands to the Omron PLC. Is this possible? If so, how?

I know that the TRB can execute some scripts written in C/ C++. Are there any examples for reference?



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Thank you for contacting.

For the modbus related configurations please refer to the below link, here you will be able to see the modbus features TRB245 has.


Also there is another feature Over IP that may work for you. 

For the scripting i have attached the document for your reference.


Further for the scripting mostly client is the one to generate scripts as per their scenario and needs.